KAMINI on ALUM @Trademark Event

Hi all!

Just few days ago (10/2 - 13/2) KAMINI collaborated with our lovely friends ALUM on an event called TRADEMARK took place in Paris Van Java mall -Bandung. We were really excited to share the same booth with our super talented designer friends: Tritique, Laresae and Tanah Air :D

Kamini shawl, feat. Tritique blouse and necklace

At the event, we also introduced our new products: Shawls. Sweet and modern combination of batik and bright-colored textile. Available in two variations, the O-shaped and the U-shaped shawl. You can do your own style while using these shawl. One thing for sure, you'll definitely look pretty on it ;)

red-blue kawung O-shaped shawl

gray-green O-shaped shawl

blue-red angkin O-shaped shawl

orange-dark gray U-shaped shawl

grey-yellow U-shaped shawl

pink-neon blue U-shaped shawl

red-blue U-shaped shawl

do your way! :)

Academically Colorful ;D

Dearest all,

It's been forever since we last updated the blog. How is your 2011 going? We wish you a very bright and happy year to come.. :)

We ourselves actually hope this year will be the year of our graduation ;) and the year of love celebration :D. The hopes are our inspiration of these blazers below. To be graduated smartly, and celebrate things happily. Of course, life isn't always that sweet and colorful. But at least a touch of bright color will remind us of how a nice life should be, right?

It is too bad that we already sold all these items, but don't worry, inspirations are as much as air in this world. We do our best to offer you new items..still using the colorful batik from our lovely country, Indonesia..

We'll see you soon.. :)