The Jackets


Thank you for visiting the blog again. So, how are you? We wish you all are doing great in these 'global-warming-affected' days.. =)
Firstly, we would like to thank you for your appreciation on the bags on facebook. It was grrrreat! We just can't wait to think about new ideas to be brought to you.
Talk about these days in our lovely city, Bandung, remind us of how weird and unpredictable the weather was. It was sunny in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and then raining at night. The other morning was really cold, cloudy in the afternoon, and very hot at night. Well, we are pretty sure, that you're all aware the weird weather is just one of the 'global warming thing'. And at this time (we hope) that each of us has been doing something to mitigate it. We know the mitigation is kind of hard to do. We were told that the mitigation act mostly only can be done by the 'annex countries', while all we can do is to adapt to the global warming. So, have you adapt yourself to it?

Adapt the weird weather nicely is the idea. We still try to make you closer with the batik by using it as jackets. We hope you can wear the jacket just whenever you go. Be ready for beautiful sunshine, refreshing rain, and fresh breeze. Just take a look at what we have done recently with this idea..

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