KAMINI on ALUM @Trademark Event

Hi all!

Just few days ago (10/2 - 13/2) KAMINI collaborated with our lovely friends ALUM on an event called TRADEMARK took place in Paris Van Java mall -Bandung. We were really excited to share the same booth with our super talented designer friends: Tritique, Laresae and Tanah Air :D

Kamini shawl, feat. Tritique blouse and necklace

At the event, we also introduced our new products: Shawls. Sweet and modern combination of batik and bright-colored textile. Available in two variations, the O-shaped and the U-shaped shawl. You can do your own style while using these shawl. One thing for sure, you'll definitely look pretty on it ;)

red-blue kawung O-shaped shawl

gray-green O-shaped shawl

blue-red angkin O-shaped shawl

orange-dark gray U-shaped shawl

grey-yellow U-shaped shawl

pink-neon blue U-shaped shawl

red-blue U-shaped shawl

do your way! :)


  1. aduh aduh aduh *mupeng*
    those gorgeous shawls you have, me want them all.... (^_^)


  2. @Tyka Ndutyke

    thank youuu...:)

    ayo ayo ayo..dipilih..dipilih..dipilih.. :)
    ada shawl2 baru lho..cobe cek di postingan terbaru..